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A Domestic Violence Victim Support Organization

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Give Hope



Twas the night before Christmas, in Dayton, Ohio's embrace,

Lived a woman named Emily, whose life was a harrowing chase.

In a house that should be filled with love and delight,

She faced the darkness of domestic violence every night.

With a baby in her arms, so innocent and small,

She prayed for safety, a refuge from it all.

But on this cold evening, the terror did grow,

As the violence escalated, a dangerous shadow.

The cries and the screams echoed through the night,

Until a concerned neighbor called for help, with all their might.

The police arrived swiftly, their sirens a blare,

To rescue Emily and her baby from despair.

They rushed to the scene, broke down the door,

Found Emily trembling on the cold, hard floor.

Her baby in her arms, a bundle of joy,

But both mother and child had suffered, oh, what a ploy.

The officers, kind-hearted, called for support,

Reached out to Single Parents Rock, a lifeline of sorts.

A domestic violence support organization so caring and true,

With open hearts, they knew just what to do.

They brought transportation, snacks, and supplies,

Diapers and formula to dry the baby's cries.

Feminine hygiene products for Emily, who'd been through so much,

Single Parents Rock had a gentle, loving touch.

They drove to the hospital, a safe place to start,

But the shelters were full, a heavy heartache on their part.

So they checked them into a hotel, secure and warm,

Promising to protect them from any further harm.

On Christmas morning, as others celebrated with glee,

Single Parents Rock returned, bearing gifts and hot tea.

They brought food and emergency supplies galore,

Their kindness and compassion, they freely did pour.

Over the coming days, they guided the way,

To court, to counseling, and helped them heal each day.

Through tears and triumphs, they showed them the path,

To escape the cycle of violence and find strength to outlast.

Emily and her baby, survivors they'd become,

With the support of Single Parents Rock, they'd overcome.

On this Christmas, they found hope anew,

A brighter future together, a love that was true.

So remember this tale, in Dayton, Ohio's embrace,

That even in darkness, there's always a grace.

With love and support, we can help others find their place,

And make this world a better, safer space.

As this holiday season arrives with its cheer,

Consider giving hope to those you hold dear.

Donate to Single Parents Rock, make a change,

Bring joy to lives that need to rearrange.

Women often experience domestic abuse or violence on or around major holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and even Super Bowl Sunday. Many victims are unable to escape, in spite of the holidays being a time of family reunions, warm conversations, and  and generosity.

According to statistics, domestic abuse increases over the holidays, due to:

  • Stress from holiday shopping, finances, and planning, which can aggravate volatile personalities.

  • Abusers being more likely to partake of alcohol or drugs.

  • Simple opportunities: abuser are more likely to be home alone with their victims than at other times of the year.

Your support ensures victims have safe rides, shelter, emergency supplies such as diapers and formula, and a kind person to support them as they begin their healing journey and beyond. 


In addition to the initial intervention support, Single Parents Rock provides ongoing support including court accompaniment, therapy, financial literacy training, and help finding a permanent home. 

Why support is needed now


Provides a victim with a bus pass for one month. To be able to transfer buses, the cost of the pass increases to $113.


front of an RTA bus

Provides a victim and up two children a safe, private hotel room for one night (average stay is one week). 


nicely made hotel bed and nightstand with lamp

Provides a victim (and children) a gas gift card for a week. 


Woman filling her car with gas

Provides a victim and two children with a grocery gift card that will feed them for one week.


woman holding a bag of groceries

Provides an infant with diapers and baby formula for  one month


a baby in diapers being held by a women (you only see her back)

How Your Donation Helps

Every item or dollar donated to Single Parents Rock helps ensure we can continue to empower victims and survivors of domestic violence.